Creating Your Perfect Family Room

Since families come in all shapes and sizes, family rooms should too . Whether yours is designed for an exciting night watching the ball game, playing cards with a group of guests, or letting the kids wear themselves out, you can make the perfect family room for your situation. Here are a few ideas that will help you create the room you want and need.

Many family rooms are in the basement, where space is more readily available. Because basements typically lack a lot of natural lighting, it is usually important to have adequate alternatives. Floor lamps are portable and easy to change so they can be a great lighting option. Using colors in your color scheme that reflect light is also a good idea, and can also help to give the family room a lively, energetic look.

Family rooms often are one of the biggest rooms in the house. You might consider breaking the family room into different activity areas. While you might have one area for watching television, another section could include a table for eating that doubles as a great surface to play games or for children to do artwork. Ping pong and pool tables are also a nice addition to a family room. Make sure that if you have an entertainment section you remember to position activity sections in a way that allows traffic to flow behind and around it - this will keep television watchers and gamers from being frequently interrupted.

Because family rooms are typically a very busy room, you need it to be easily cleaned. Slips and covers on couches and sofas are a great way to keep food and drink spills from causing any permanent damage. Options of hardwood or tile floors are a way to make sure floors can be kept neat with little effort. If you choose carpet, select an option that can be easily and quickly cleaned. Use drawers, tubs, bins, and baskets to make sure you have plenty of room for your favorite movies, games, gaming consoles, remotes, blankets, toys, and whatever else you choose to keep in your family room.

You will want to easily accommodate a crowd. Use large couches and sectionals to provide seating for the largest number of people without requiring many pieces of fixed seating.  Bean bags and ottomans are also a great and easy way to provide additional seating that is easy to store, and having a few folding chairs in the closet can be handy as well.

These simple tips will help you create a family room that is capable of serving all the different capacities that you will need it to. Making the “perfect room” can be hard, but by following some of these guidelines, you will have the right room on hand, whatever the occasion is. For more tips and tricks on how to decorate your home, visit our website at