Giving Your Living Room A New Look

It isn't too uncommon that we get bitten by the re-decorating bug and have the urge to freshen up the rooms in our home. If you are like most people, though, the bug often bites at inconvenient times when the budget is tight and resources are spread thin. You may have said to yourself, “This room looks old and a fresh, new look would be great...but right now just isn't a good time.” After giving it little more than a wistful thought, you write it off as another impossible dream that just can’t come true any time soon.

The great secret about the dream in this scenario is that it can come true. It can and should have a happy ending. Freshening the look of your living room doesn't have to break the bank. It won’t necessarily cost you a fortune to change things up enough to get a new, refreshing look. Here are a few easy and affordable tips to mix things up and give your living room that fresh, new feel you’re looking for.

Change your couch with a slipcover -

A slipcover is one of the easiest and most affordable way to change the look of your furniture. You can update the color scheme of your entire room by getting a few new covers for your sofas and chairs. This gives you the style benefit of a new set of furniture without a large commitment or cost.

Switch out your throw pillows -

Swapping out your throw pillows is another easy way to mix things up in your living room. You might even even change the pillows with the seasons or during holidays. Throw pillows are an easy and affordable way to regularly give your room a fresh, new look.

Add a rug -

Flooring makes up about 30% of what you see in a room. Adding a rug, whether on a carpet or hardwood floor, will give your room a new floor look and feel without the cost or hassle of actually redoing the entire floor.

Modify your walls -

Painting a single room is a easier and cheaper that painting your entire house. Pick a new color that fits with your current home decor (furniture, rugs, etc) and spice up your room at a reasonable cost. Adding molding or trim can be a little addition that makes a big difference. If you are looking for something a little more bold, paint just one wall and add something new like a painting or clock for a nice focal point.

Swap out your pictures -

An important design element in nearly all living rooms is the pictures. Swapping out some pictures seasonally or with the holidays can create a nice compliment to your other decorations. Switching full color photos for black and white will also help to create a fresh, new look.

These are just a few quick, easy, and affordable tips on how to revamp your living room without breaking the bank. Please share the tips, hints, or thoughts that have worked for. For more ideas about decorating your home, visit our free online lessons at 

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