What color should I paint my room?

One of the biggest decisions to make when remodeling or designing your home is the color scheme you will use for each room. The color of the room not only affects the mood that the room creates, but also influences what furniture and decor you will purchase and use in that room. While it is always possible to repaint the rooms in your house, it is much easier to instead begin with color scheme that you enjoy enough to be willing to make other decisions, such as furniture purchases, based upon what you already have. The hardest part of finding the right colors for your home can be knowing where to start, so here are a few ideas for what colors schemes might work for you.

Living Room  -

White or other neutral colors for walls, sofa, and chairs accented by warm or cool colors often work well in living rooms. If the room is used for relaxing and reading, cooler colors will work best. If the room is more commonly used for entertaining and playing games, warmer colors may be a better choice. Just remember that white or light colored carpet and furniture can be hard to keep clean, especially if you have small children.

Bedroom -

Because bedrooms are personal spaces, there can be more flexibility in choosing colors that the user of the bedroom prefers. However, remember that bedrooms should be a relaxing environment, so cooler colors that are calming and peaceful, such as blue and purple, work well.

Children’s Room -

If the children’s room is meant to relaxing, blue and other cool colors are a great choice. If the room is meant to encourage activity and playing, then warm active colors such as red will work well. Keep in mind that bright yellow in large quantities does tend to lead to more fighting among children and siblings, and can lead to baby’s crying more often.

Bathroom -

Tranquil colors including green and blue help to create an inviting atmosphere. White is also a great choice in bathrooms, as it expands the small size of the room and signifies cleanliness. 

Entryways and Hallways -

Neutral colors are often the best choice for hallways and entryways. Colors such as off white and beige can help transition the color from room to room as you move throughout the house.

Dining Room and Kitchen -

Warmer colors that stimulate appetite and conversation are a great choice for kitchens and dining rooms. Red is often a popular color for this reason, but if used in excess can be overpowering. Apricot and other orange tones help to create feelings of enthusiasm and excitement without being as overwhelming.

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