How To Create A Focal Point

When beginning to decorate a room, you may have so many ideas of things you want to do that finding a place to start can be difficult. How many chairs should the room have? Should the floor be bare, or would a rug add a nice touch? Are end tables necessary, or will they just clutter up the room? Can I just use the items I have or do I need to start over? 

These concerns, and many more just like them are questions that will surely come up. So, where should you start? The first thing the decorator must consider is the room’s focal point. The focal point is the place where the eye first comes to rest when entering the room. It can be anything that the design of the room is built around and draws attention. Focal points can be made to include almost anything, varying in size and type.It may be a piece of furniture, or it may be the architecture including a fireplace, a piano, or a tall, antique armoire — or even a spectacular window view. In many homes the television is the focal point.

Every room can and should have a focal point. From the kitchen, to the den, to the bedroom, there are an infinite number of ways create a place or item that works as a “center” for the room.
Rugs, mirrors, and chests can make great focal points in halls and entryways. Bathrooms can use mirrors and cabinets to make even the most simple room feel inviting and comfortable. Entertainment centers and bookshelves be can used as a great foundation to build the rest of your room around in a den or living room.

They key to creating a successful focal point is through drawing attention to it in the way you direct the other furnishings of the room. Make sure that all the accessories and pieces of furniture lead to, and not away from the focal point(s) you have in your room. Place the chairs and other seating furniture around the focal point so that everyone can view and enjoy it.

As you learn to create and use focal points as the anchor of your room design, you will find the balance and feel you desire for you each and every room in your home. You and your guests will enjoy rooms in which you attend to the focal point.

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