You Can Buy the Iron Man Mansion

I know I'm a little slow on this blog, but lately I've been thinking about the Iron Man 3 movie. I suppose that by now everyone’s already seen it. My wife’s got a strange crush on that Robert Downey Jr. guy so I secretly got tickets so we could see it on opening night.

For some reason I am always sleepy. I can fall asleep anytime and anywhere. I’ve always joked that when I take a job as a movie critic I’ll stop the practice of using stars to rate the movies. Instead, I’m going to use eyes. A movie can either have two open eyes, two closed eyes, or one eye open and one eye closed. Iron Man 3 receives two open eyes. because I stayed awake through the entire movie. (The Coke Zero and popcorn helped a bit, I’m sure).

Motovo, (a real estate site) posted a listing for the mansion. Obviously,it’s just a joke, but the ad they’ve written seems pretty real and is fun to read:

This luxurious, modern-designed estate offers a breathtaking view of Dume Cove. The previous home of billionaire Tony Stark, and his not-so-secret identity, Iron Man, this expansive home includes 25,000 square feet of living space that is perfect for hosting lavish gatherings. As one would expect from a technology magnate, the Iron Man House is wired with state-of-the-art gadgets to make modern living as painless as possible. For the gearhead in the family, there is an expansive garage and workshop. Also included are marking from Iron Man’s tumultuous career.

You can see the entire ad at

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