Laundry with Sarah Palin

My wife hates doing the laundry, so we have a little arrangement thats worked very well for us. She washes the clothes, I fold them, and the kids collect their own clean clothes and put them away. (It’s amazing how many shirts an 11 year old boy can go through in a week.)

I don’t mind folding. I stand at the side of our bed so I have a large area to work on. I make piles of shirts and pants and everything else. I try to sort them by person, but quite frankly there are lots of clothes that I can’t place with anyone in particular. Fortunately, my wife and kids know what belongs to them.

The best thing about folding though is that I get to watch something on Netflix. I usually try to make the time more productive by watching a documentary. Well, this morning I watched Sarah Palin. The Undefeated.

Have you seen pictures of the inside of her home? I liked seeing that her home looks a little like our home. It looks like a home that a family can actually live in. Too many of the homes I see in decorating books and on decorating programs don’t seem family friendly. They are certainly beautiful, but they don’t seem very functional.

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