After years of teaching furniture sales, the art of home decorating, and room design, we've developed a free course for the consumer market. It recently occurred to us that everyone should have access to the same principles of design that work so well for interior designers and furniture salespeople. You can now use the lessons free of charge anytime you want, as often as you want by visiting www.howtodecoratemyhome.net

Whether you're  planning to remodel a single room, or your entire house, the task can feel overwhelming. The lessons in How to Decorate My Home will teach you all the skills you need to feel good about your project.​

There are three topics with 11 free, fun, easy, and interesting lessons:

Design Basics
  • The Purpose of Home Decorating
  • The Basic Elements of Room Decorating
  • How to Apply the Elements of Room Decorating
  • How to Select the Right Furnishings and Furniture

Color Lessons
  • The Psychology of Color
  • How to Use the Color Wheel
  • How to Use Color in Your Home

Design Style
  • What's Your Style
  • Accessorizing Your Room
  • Arrange Your Room
  • Draw Your Room Plan
You can learn the principles of home design and interior decorating with our free lessons at www.howtodecoratemyhome.net.

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